Wisdom at wit’s end

I like us together. I like that you help me sort out my thoughts and offer insightful wisdom when I’m at wit’s end, and that you wait for me to ask for help before jumping in with your thoughts.

I like that you know the best and worst of me; in the face of that knowledge, you continue to love me, and even more, you like and celebrate who I am. I’m so incredibly to have you in my life, and as the years go by, my gratitude for you expands and grows by leaps and bounds.

The Lunch Man

I like how you’ll wash fruit and dish up leftovers in the morning, since you know that in my scramble to get out the door I’ll skip taking lunch to work. But, if you get everything dished up, then I’ll take the effort to throw it in my lunchbox even if I’m running behind schedule.

I like how you care for me and make sure my morning rush doesn’t leave me feeling hungry around lunch time.


I like that as we’re both surfing the internet that you laughed when I sent you a link on INFJ vs INFP because you were reading the same page already while I was sending you the link. So, without speaking to each other about it, we were reading the same thing at the same time.

And I like that we laughed as we read together because the descriptions were fairly true for us.

On broken iPhones

I like that when I message you in full on panic mode, you stay calm and kind with me. When I broke my phone this morning and got all weepy and paralyzed, you were just like, “Okay, this is what our phone plan helps with. Here’s what we’re going to do.” And that was way more helpful than my desire to sit on the garage floor and weep as though the sky was crashing around me.

The phone breaking was just a little more than I could carry today. And I’m so grateful you’re gentle with me in the moments where I’ve lost my ever-loving marbles.

I like you. A lot.

Photo on 8-16-2016 at 9.13 AM


I like that you can surprise me. And I like that your surprises show how you get me. Little things, like the Thielicke book, show how you listen to me. When you had a present for me for my birthday, it felt like grace — unexpected and undeserved. I didn’t see it coming, and when you handed me the pink and white polka dot bag I had a moment of rushing, passionate love for you almost like the days when we dated, but bigger because of the years of history between us. I’m grateful for you and your unwavering support of me. I like you and I like that you like me.